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Printable Tap Install Brochure

Click here for our two page install instructions (hint: print in landscape view).

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Stevens Stompers® Taps
were designed by Cloggers for Cloggers. So of course, we really wanted to build a tap with great SOUND.

Buy Them for SOUND...

Made from steel, Stevens Stompers® Taps have a snappy, musical sound. In fact, we like to call them musical instruments for your feet.

Stevens Stompers® are "BIG SOUND" Taps. As one of our customers said: The sound is "able to reach up to the top row of a stadium".

Big, musical sound - - that is what your get with Stevens Stompers®. These outstanding percussive sound qualities are why more cloggers choose our taps for practice, performance and competition than any others.

Love Them for STRENGTH.

Clogging taps were formerly made from cast aluminum. Some still are. Aluminum will crack under the heavy impact
of clogging. Steel will NOT crack. Because steel is stronger than aluminum, steel taps can be thinner and fit more comfortably on your shoes. Steel also means improved durability on all kinds of dance surfaces. Steel taps stand up much better on abrasive surfaces like concrete and asphalt. In fact, steel taps outlast aluminum taps about two-to-one, under these difficult dance conditions.

Several years ago, a few customers in coastal areas indicated that they experienced flaking and slight rusting of their taps, due to humidity. We worked with our platers to prevent this. Now, Stevens Stompers® sport a new shine. With a stronger bond to the steel, this new plating material will adhere better and work to eliminate any flaking and rusting.

Stevens Stompers® come in 2 basic styles. Buck Taps® have a flange around the front of the toe. The flange provides tap sound, when touching the tip of the shoe on the floor, and helps protect the tip of the shoe from wear. Regular, or non-Buck Taps, do not have a flange. They fit entirely under the shoe and work well for shoes with a more rounded toe style. See a picture of the difference between Buck and Regular Taps.

Stevens Stompers® is a registered trademark of Stevens Clogging Supplies, Inc. Our taps are stamped, assembled and packaged in the US. Dealers may request quantity pricing information upon presentation of a government issued business license. Please call 800-544-7824.

We also carry a variety of supplies for attaching taps to your shoes. Click on the link below right for Attachment Supplies.

Buck Taps Regular

Tap Atachment Products

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