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Stevens Stompers®
clogging taps come in 2 basic styles, allowing them to be used on many types of shoes. Buck Taps® have a flange around the front of the toe. The flange provides tap sound, when touching the tip of the shoe on the floor, and protects the tip of the shoe. Regular, or non-Buck Taps, do not have a flange. They fit entirely under the shoe and work well for shoes with a more rounded toe style.  Read further information and view a picture of the difference.

We install taps with nails on shoes we sell. You can also download our Tap Installation Brochure to learn how to attach Stevens Stompers® taps with nails, screws or glue.

Small, Medium, and Large heels approximate sizing for Children’s. Ladies’ and Men’s shoes, respectively. Actual tap dimensions may be found on the Tap Size Dimensions pages in Inches or Metric units.
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Tap Size Dimensions in Inches
View individual Tap Size Dimensions in Metric

Buck Taps
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Nail-On Glue-On

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