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Nail On Regular Stevens Stompers® Taps

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Our regular taps were designed to fit shoes with irregular toe shapes.  Certain styles of shoes have a toe contour, which will not accept a Buck Tap.  The regular toe tap (without the front flange) fits entirely under the toe.  Nail on attachment style taps may be installed with shoe tacks or screws, depending upon the shoe sole material.

When you order a set of regular taps, you will receive two regular toe taps, two heel taps and a nail packet.  Please see below a picture of package contents.

Purchasing a pair of regular toes, you will receive two regular toe taps and a nail packer.  Please see below package contents.

Similarly, when you order a pair of nail on heels, you will fine two heel taps plus a nail packet in the package.  Shown below are an example of a pair of ladies nail on heel.

We may install regular taps on shoes with shoe tacks at special request.  With the exception of sneakers, shoes on which we have installed regular taps are not exchangeable or returnable.

View Catalog pdf showing more tap information

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