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Ladies' Clogging Shoes

Ladies may enjoy a range of shoe choices for clogging. You will find four basic styles of Ladies' Clogging Shoes. Jazz Oxfords are lace up shoes with a fixed arch. Split sole styles have a flexible arch and may be used to do toe stands*.  Sneakers also have a flexible arch. And Mary Jane styling includes a narrow strap closure and fixed arch.

Lace up jazz oxfords have been the perennial favorites.  They are great for traditional clogging steps.  Featuring a steel shank in the arch, they provide excellent stability and support.  The arch will not flex, and these shoes cannot be used for steps which require a flexible arch.  The shoes accept tap installs, as explained below.  You can find more information about the choices of jazz oxfords by selecting that link.

Flexible arch shoes appear similar to the jazz oxford style at first glance.  They, however, do not have a steel shank.  Instead, the arch area of the shoe is bendable, allowing your foot to flex to varying degrees.  A flexible arch allows you to do some of the newer clogging steps*.  Toe stands and other similar steps concentrate the weight of your body in non traditional clogging positions.  These positions, when done in a reinforced arch shoe, will cause the shoe sole to crack or separate from the shoe upper**.  Therefore, the choice of shoe will depend upon your dance objectives.  Flexible arch shoes also accept tap installation, as explained below and on the product information page. 

Newly requested by cloggers, are clogging sneakers.  This style of Ladies' Clogging Shoes gives you the comfort of a sneaker plus a flexible arch.  Sneaker toes require a different tap, as explained on the sneaker information page.

Our Mary Jane (Scoop) style ladies' clogging shoes are a more femininely styled selection.  These feature a thin strap across the foot, rather than lace up closure.  There is a steel shank in the arch, making these unsuitalbe for toe stands**.  Taps can be attached as described under product information for Scoop shoes.

As mentioned briefly above, we can install Stevens Stompers® Buck Taps® on most all shoe styles. If you have Buck Taps® installed on shoes, the shoes are exchangeable or returnable in brand new condition and in accordance with our Exchange Policy. At your special request, we can install Stevens Stompers® Regular Taps on shoes. Shoes with Regular Taps installed, however may not be exchanged or returned. One exception to this rule exists. Sneakers, on which we have installed Regular Stevens Stompers® Taps are exchangeable or returnable in keeping with all relevant terms on the Exchange Policy. Each shoe style clarifies this exchange information. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us for details.

*We talk about toe stands and similar steps, which some cloggers are now doing.  These steps may concentrate your entire body weight on points of your foot, not used to supporting it.  As such, they have the potential to damage or injure your feet, perhaps permanently.  Please check with your doctor before doing toe stands or other similar steps, which cause your arch to flex unnaturally.

**Shoes used for each type of dancing have different features, as we have briefly described above.  Selecting the wrong shoe may also damage the shoe.  We do not replace, refund or deem as in any way defective those which have cracked soles.  This comes about from using shoes designed for traditional clogging steps to do some newer steps.  Please read all of the information provided on shoe styles and ask us about any questions you may have. 

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