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Jays Favorite Advanced Steps - 624

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A DVD - 50 minutes

Sku # : 624DVD
#624 JAY'S FAVORITE ADVANCED STEPS - DVD is an exact duplicate of the analog VHS video cassette.

Jay Dumcum teaches 10 advanced steps that include elements from Buck and Canadian Step Dancing. If you are not familiar with these, we recommend that you purchase videos #626 and #645 with this. He teaches 10 choreographed step combinations: Cotton Eyed Joe, Toe Run, Parrot, Bo Jangles, Parallel, Syncopated Heels, Tap Step, “Huh” Step, Up On Your Heels and Border Step. Comes with a cuesheet. (1994) Approximately 50 minutes in length.

Note: Music used on this video is Ralph’s Practice Record (from Cripple Creek).

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