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Shoe Sizing

This page is included to help you get the best results from your shoe purchase. Your most satisfactory experience will START BY PLANNING WELL IN ADVANCE (a month or several weeks, at least). We know that it can be difficult purchasing shoes by mail order, especially for the first time. That is why we offer
ONE ASSISTED SIZE EXCHANGE (refer to exact details on how this exchange assist works) on shoes where noted. But, if you do need to exchange shoes, it takes time to make the exchange and get you your new size. Dancers who are uncertain of their size and in a hurry may want to order more than one pair and return the ones that do not fit. This is an excellent option, as long as, they are returned in brand new condition.

So let us start at the beginning and go step by step through the process:

1.) If you are in a clogging club or dance school, ask your leader or dance teacher exactly what you need to buy. Ask the name of the shoe style and color. Ask what kind of clogging taps you need to purchase and if you need them to come already installed on your shoes. The best suggestion is to find out the product numbers for the shoes and taps, if the club/school has ordered them before. You may also need items like Sure Soles (to keep from sliding on slippery surfaces), a shoe bag to carry your shoes, shoe polish to keep shoes ready for performances, etc. By asking more experienced dancers, you can prepare a list of everything you need.

2.) Find out your foot/shoe size:

a.) Many large clubs allow new members to try on one anothers' shoes to find out exactly what size fits. If this is not possible, you may use our sizing graphics associated with each shoe style to help you achieve proper shoe fit (see b. below).

b.) To use our exclusive shoe sizing graphic system, first decide the shoe style you want to order. Go to the page for that shoe style. (You may need to click on the SHOES button for the main shoe page and click the link to your style.) Once on the correct shoe style page, scroll down to product details and click the link to the sizing page for that style. The sizing page first gives you general information about fit for that style. You will see the link to downloadable instructions for the graphics. These instructions are very helpful, so you will want to follow them. Next click on the colored dot associated with the size you think is most likely to fit your foot. Print that out at 100% page size on your printer and check actual side dimensions against a ruler. Your instructions show how to draw your foot outline on the graphic and determine optimal fit information. If not sure, print out graphics for other possible size choices that you think might provide better fit. Be sure to call us, if you are having any difficulties.

3.) In plenty of time*, call to place your order. Order your shoes, and be sure to try them on on a clean, soft carpet when they arrive. (Keep in mind that the shoes and taps must not be marked or scratched in any way if you need to exchange them.) Remaining on the carpet, check the fit. Leather shoes will stretch slightly. But this does not mean that you should wear tight shoes, assuming they will stretch to become comfortable with time. We like to say that you should only count on them stretching about the amount your feet swell. If you decide that you need to exchange the size, take them off immediately. Call us toll free to get a Return Authorization (RA) # and carefully follow the return instructions near the bottom of the blue invoice or the Terms and Conditions page on this web site, to send them back for another size. Do so promptly, so that you will have time (with regular shipping) to get your new size before you need to wear them. No exchanges (or returns) may be made after 30 days.

4.) It may take a few weeks of dancing in your shoes, before they begin to conform to your feet. Make sure to take care of your shoes and taps, so that they give you good service. They are your musical instruments! Happy Clogging!!!

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of ordering with plenty of time to spare. Occasionally, when we are busy, errors do happen on orders. Since we try to keep our prices reasonable, we cannot pay express shipping to get a shoe to you for a deadline. An error on our part will be corrected with regular ground shipping.
















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