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Customers frequently ask where they can purchase Stevens Stompers® taps locally. We would like to begin to provide a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers for dealers who stock our taps. If you would like to have cloggers contact you, please email carolyn@stevensclogging.com to have your information placed on this links page. We reserve the right to refuse any dealer who does not abide by our policies or does not present a favorable image for clogging. [Note to visitors:  We must rely on individual sites to keep their websites' information up to date.]

Tennessee - Nashville Area

Hello Carolyn,

I am teaching clogging at Larry’s Grand Ole Garage Diner & Dance Hall in Madison, TN just 12 miles North of Nashville, TN.

We are a family orientated business and promote country music, bluegrass music and dancing. My self and Eileen Stewart (TN Clogging Champion for many years) teach clogging. We always put Stevens Clogging taps on our students shoes. I keep them in stock, plus we have the tools to install them correctly on dance shoes.

Larry’s Grand Ole Garage Diner & Dance Hall at 768 Madison Square, Madison TN 37115 615-856-0642 would like to be added as a place to purchase Stevens Clogging supplies locally.

You can find us on http://www.larrysgrandolegarage.com/ or our Facebook page. [Request our flyers for scheduled events and about teaching (every Monday night 6:00 to 7:00). Rita Schaefer Jones 615-856-0642]

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